January 13, 2011

Brisbane Floods

Hi all,

Not sure if my overseas peeps have heard, but here in my little city it is chaos. I live in Brisbane, Queensland, and as of a couple of days ago, over 75% of the state was declared a national disaster zone because of flooding. That's an area over 5x the size of the UK!

I have been very lucky, as my place is up on a hill, and we have been largely unaffected in our little pocket of Brisbane. My mum, however, is marooned on a little 'island' in the western suburbs. Although her house is intact, they are trapped in an area enclosed by water, with no electricity and no access to basic supplies.

The good news is that the flood waters are receding. Bit by bit the water is creeping back, leaving mess and muck and devastation in its wake. And the clean up will begin.

My mani today (even though it doesn't seem important in the grand scheme of things, this is a nail blog after all, and sometimes the simplest things can remove us from reality for a moment and bring comfort) is the colour of the Brisbane River - brown, muddy and messy:

This is two coats of Chanel Particuliere topped with one coat of Seche Vite. Application was lovely and smooth.

My thoughts go out to everyone who is affected by the floods - stay safe everyone.



  1. I'm so sorry that there is such horror and misery in Brisbane. I did here a bit about it on the news. It's really shocking to hear that much of the land is affected. It must be horrible. I'm sure your really worried about your Mother. I'll be praying for her and all who live in Brisbane. I guess you have to polish your nails and keep things going in a normal way. Love this shade on you.

  2. I'm a Brisbanite also. I went for a wander through the city yesterday and was shocked at just how high the water got and how swollen and fast moving the river is. My thoughts go out to all of those effected and I'm glad you're safe and dry! Love the colour :-)

  3. I'm in the UK and the disaster has been dominating our headlines for a few days now, so it's good to hear that Brisbanites are able to begin the clean up.


    As for the nail varnish, I flippin' love this shade! It is one of the few that sits proudly on my dresser. I think it was so popular when it came out last year that it quickly became unavailable in many countries.

  4. Sorry dudette but I tagged you for a blog award! I have passed it on to all my sister Oz Mafia girls...if I had to suffer it then you all have to as well! konadlicious.blogspot.com

  5. I heard about this, and thought of you. I'm so glad you are okay. I'm really sorry this has happened to your country. I hope the rest of your family is okay. I'm always here for you if you want/need to talk. *HUGS*

    I also tagged you for an award. :-)


  6. @Lucy: Thanks so much Lucy. My mumma is fine now - just a lot of spoiled food from having no electricity!

    @Angie84: I know, I've never seen anything like it! Its still a bit of a ghost town, but slowly returning to normal.

    @Eleanor: Yes, there are heaps of people volunteering - it has been amazing! I love this colour too, even though my brother calls it my 'poo fingers'.

    @Carli: Ha ha don't worry, I've never gotten one before so I am actually excited about it! Thanks so much! x

    @Ali: Thanks so much Ali. All of my family is ok, and we were really lucky overall. Thanks for the award as well - I'm very excited as its my first one!! x

  7. Fellow Brisbanite blogger - I was just as lucky, but my work had to be closed because it was at The Wesley hospital and spitting distance from the river.

  8. I hope things are getting easier for you guys. We did our little bit here in Melbourne. My workplace raised and donated over $3000 - about half of that went to the RSPCA so nobody was overlooked.