March 4, 2011

Dior Nirvana

Hi Guys,

Today I have a stunner for you from Dior. I was just walking around the shops the other day and this one caught my eye and had to be mine! I hadn't heard much about this new collection, and when I googled it there wasn't much info out there about it. But its in Aus stores now, so if you can, hunt it down and make it yours!

Ok, this is Nirvana:

An amazing teal which morphs from more blue based to more green based depending on the light. It applied like an absolute dream - this is two coats plus some Revlon top coat (I didn't have my beloved Seche Vite with me at the time). I love, love, LOVE the Dior brush for application - some of you with smaller nail beds might find it a bit unwieldy, but for me it is perfection. Its huge and kind of curved at the end, and the above pics are with no clean up whatsoever - the brush makes it easy for me to get it really neat first time.

So what do you think of Nirvana? I'm so in love I bought a back up. And I'm eyeing off some of the other colours I saw too. Pity Dior is $35 here...



  1. I just got it!! So purty!
    I was comparing it with other similar colors I have and... I think Essence crazy me might be a dupe, though I haven't tried it on the nail. Dior Nirvana does seem to have some subtle hidden shimmer in the bottle (if you look really close) but not really visible outside the bottle, is it?
    I'm willing to get the black rock coat from this collection, but... yes here is really expensive too! *sigh*

  2. This is a stunning polish! I own about 5 Diors. I won 3 in a giveaway. They were my first and so pretty. I just had to buy two more. So far I've resisted buying them.

  3. @ Solensdanserinde: Thanks! I can't resist a good teal :)

    @Natalia: Yes, I noticed that it looked like it had little tiny bits of silver shimmer in the bottle, but I really couldn't see them on the nail...I want the rock coat too - but I am resisting for now!!

    @Lucy: Hey Lucy, I understand...I am resisting buying more for the moment, but I don't know how long that will last!!!