March 7, 2011

Zoya Intimate Collection

All these amazing Spring collections coming out are making me happy...and broke. There just seems to be one 'must-have' colour after another, and frankly, I want it to stop for a while. Come on polish companies, please just churn out some crappy stuff that I can pass up so that I can take a breather from buying for a while! Nah, I don't mean that...really.

Here is a case in point: Zoya's Intimate Collection for Spring. I had to severely restrain myself to getting four out of the six. A girl's got to have her limits, after all.

First up is Dove:

This is two coats without top coat. A beautiful smooth grey creme, which applied easily. Yum. I love grey cremes, and this is no exception.

Next up, Marley:

I adore this one. This is two coats without top coat, and Marley is an amazing lilac. She's a devious little trickster though - although she gives the impression of being a straight up creme, there is a hidden pearlised shimmer (which is difficult to see in these pics cos the sun runs away when it sees me with my camera these days).

Third, we have Caitlin:

This is two coats without top coat. A divine purple/grey/blue, which pulls a lot bluer on me than some swatches I've seen. Love, love, love this colour - so different from your usual but still demure enough to fit in with the low key theme of this collection.

Lastly, Danni:

This is two coats without top coat. A gorgeous purple with gold shimmer running throughout. Sparkly yet still somehow subtle...if you can call purple nail polish subtle. Which I absolutely can, considering what I have sported on my nails over the years.

Overall I love this collection. The formula was nice, and all were two coaters and easy to work with. I do love me a bit of Zoya, and this collection is no exception.



  1. This is exactly the four colors I would pick out of the Zoya Intimate Collection. They are just so gorgeous!

  2. I'm trying not to buy so much polish but it's difficult! I haven't ordered this collection yet. I want them all.

  3. Hey, just wondering where you get your Zoya polish in Brissie, or where you order it online.


  4. @Moondancerjen: Great minds think alike :)

    @Lucy: You need these - they are gorgeous!

    @Caitlin: Hey Caitlin, I order all my Zoyas online from eBay. I wish they were more accessible over here, but they would probably be ridiculously overpriced anyway!