November 20, 2010

China Glaze Moody Blue

Hi Everyone,

With all the discussion going on in the US and Europe over Chanel's new blue polish, Riva, I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon with a post about a reputed dupe to Chanel's polish - China Glaze Moody Blue.

Of course, here in Australia we can't get Riva yet - we Aussie girls usually have to wait about 500 years after the rest of the world has gotten their polish - and also gotten well and truly over it - before we even get a whiff of a trendy collection! Online polish e-tailers are a godsend in this polish backwater, but as far as I know, unless we have friends in the US or Europe willing to ship us some goodies, we will just have to wait to get our paws on Riva down under.

I shouldn't complain - we do have some unique and awesome brands such as BYS, Ozotics and Ulta (not the same as Ulta in the US) that are hard to come by outside of this country...

Anyway, for a comparison of Moody Blue with Riva, you should check out Lacquerized's post on this at: 

Here are my pics of Moody Blue:

I do really like this colour - it is soft and sweet and squishy (somebody learned 'alliteration' as a literary tool in high school!). But...this is 5 coats! Eeek! I don't know if it was just me, or if this is sheer for everyone, but I seriously could not be bothered applying 5 coats then top coat.

And given my penchant for some Konad action, you know what's coming up next:

I added the pretty bow stamp from Konad plate M56 in Konad Special White polish. So cute and girly - I loved this design. Could have been a bit neater with the application but after the six coats of polish I had already applied, my patience was wearing thin and the outside light was fading fast!

That's it for now - can't wait to get my hands on Riva so I can compare the two. If it applies in less than five coats, I think it will be a winner for me.



  1. Maybe a coat of white polish underneath would make it so not as many coats would be necessary? I don't usually wear sheer colors like this, but that might do the trick. :)

    It's a very pretty polish! :D

  2. Hey Erin! That is definitely a good idea - I'll have to try that next time and I think it will save me time!

  3. Wow, I love this color! Looks so adorable with the Konad :)
    I'm a new follower, I abselutely love your blogname, haha!

  4. Very pretty shade of blue. I saw the Chanel polish is sheer also. It does have some shimmer in it. It is pretty but too sheer and expensive. I read before about the white polish and also try a nude that matches your skin.