November 27, 2010

Some Goodies From The OPI Burlesque Collection

This collection has been raved about throughout the nail polish community, and for good reason. Each and every colour has something special about it, and it is so unique and different from other things released this year. And OPI managed to do a collection that didn't comprise of mostly red cremes - yay!! Nah, they're not that bad, but this is one of their best...

A warning - this post is long and pic heavy!!

First up, The Show Must Go On:

I have already posted a comparison of this previously with MAC's Bad Fairy, but here it is on its own in all its glory. The Show Must Go On is an amazing foily duochrome which alternates between shades of bright red and orange and gold. Its beautiful and sparkly and bright and I absolutely love it. Even though oranges aren't usually my new thing ("Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed..." - Legally Blonde), this one has enough variety and enough deeper tones to lure me in!

This is three coats plus one coat of Seche Vite. Two coats would probably have been enough if I was more careful with my application, but I did three here.

Next up, Let Me Entertain You:

I LOVE this colour! Deliciously juicy fuchsia jelly with glass fleck glittery bits. Thirst-quenchingly luscious...this is two coats with Seche Vite on top. This is my favourite of this whole collection - if I didn't know that it was a chemical cocktail of potentially lethal ingredients, I would be drinking it by the pool this summer.

Next up, two of the glitters. First we have Show It and Glow It:

Blingy multicoloured glitter suspended in a clear base. The majority of the glitter is this pinky purple colour, and there is a lot of silver in there too. These types of polishes are so hard to capture on camera - it just doesn't seem to reflect the amazingly sparkly nature of this polish. You really need to see this in person to appreciate its blingtastic goodness! This is three coats with Seche Vite on top.

Last but not least, Sparkle-icious:

Another multicoloured glitter. This one is composed of lots of blue, pink and gold glitter, and there is a slight predominance of gold on the nail. As for the previous glitter, the photos do not reflect the amazingly blingy nature of these polishes!

Just a word of warning on the glitters before you coat your nails in their dazzling goodness - if you have not heard of the foil method of removal, google it and memorise it before you attempt to remove these beauties. Otherwise you will be sitting there for half an hour scrubbing the glitter off your poor tortured fingers. Acetone and foil are your friend...

Well that's the selection I got from the Burlesque Collection. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!


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