November 13, 2010

First Post!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog, and my very first post :) I thought I'd start with a little comparison post of two polishes that have recently been released - OPI The Show Must Go On and MAC Bad Fairy.

I think Bad Fairy is pretty hard to get now...I was lucky enough to pick it up duty free at Gatwick Airport on a recent trip (I'm based in Australia). It was on that same recent trip that I managed to come home with five shoeboxes full of nail polish in my suitcase...there were some essentials such as clothing and toiletries crammed in there as well, but the nail polish took precedence. I know you guys will understand :)

OPI is available at DJs (David Jones department stores) in Aus, but it retails for a whopping $20 per bottle, so I tend to order it online.

Anyway, less talk, more pics:

Bottle pic: OPI on the left, MAC on the right.

I've got the MAC on my pointer and ring finger, and the OPI on my middle and pinkie.

This last pic shows more of the shimmer.

As you can see, they are not dupes. The OPI is more orange/red, whereas the MAC is more of a plummy based red and is a little darker. I'm glad I own both!

Well that's it for my first post. Stay tuned, because up next I've got some Essie Winter 2010 swatches for you and a comparison of these as well.

Hope you enjoyed!


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