December 19, 2010

GOSH Holographic

Time for some holo goodness on this blog! I picked this little beauty up on a recent trip to the UK - just found a few random GOSH polishes in a little pharmacy in the local train station, and they all happened to be ones that I wanted - love when that happens!

When you're painting this one on, it doesn't look that great...then it dries...then you go in the sun...and then THIS happens:

This is two coats with no topcoat. Some people have said that they find topcoat dulls the effect of the holo, so I just didn't use any. I didn't need it anyway. Dry time on this was super fast.

This colour is a lot of fun, especially in the sun! I still think my Nfu-Ohs are the best holos though - will have to review them soon for you so you can see! Only problem is that they're so hard to get here in Aus - there's only one distributor (who I got the ones I have off) but I can't figure out how to order off their website anymore (I swear its a confusing website and not me being slow).

Til next time!



  1. This is gorgeous. I don't own any Nfu holos. Must try some.

  2. Thanks Lucy! I really want more but they're hard to get here :(