December 27, 2010

OPI Katy Perry Collection

Well here I am eating my words. I posted a month ago about Australia never getting the latest polishes and having to wait ages and whinge whinge whinge. Then not only did I get Chanel Riva pretty much around the same time as everyone else in the world, here I am posting about a collection which hasn't quite been released in the US yet. Ok, now I have to admit it is not so hard being a nail polish junkie here in the land Down Under :)

I should mention first up that there must be way more nail polish aficionados around my part of town than I realised, because I did not manage to pick up the Black Shatter polish - it had sold out in both stores I went to within hours. But I wasn't too phased by that, because, to be honest, crackle nail polish isn't really my thing. I did, however, manage to pick up all four colours in the collection.

On to the pics!

First up, Not Like The Movies:

This is 3 coats with no topcoat. This colour is hard to describe - its like a silvery grey with a green and pink duochrome. That doesn't really make any sense, but if you look at the pics you will know what I mean. I didn't think I'd like this colour when I saw it in the bottle, but it is actually very pretty on the nail. The pink flash is particularly attractive in the light, and this colour is pretty unique in my collection. I like it a lot more than I thought I would.

Next up, The One That Got Away:

This is 3 coats with no topcoat. The One That Got Away is a divine berry red with glass fleck shimmer. There is a gold flash in the bottle which doesn't translate onto the nail, but I still LOVE this colour. It is a bit like OPI's Let Me Entertain You from the Burlesque collection, but with more burgundy, berry red 'tude to LMEY's fuchsia fun. Delicious.

Onto the glitters...Firstly, Teenage Dream:

This is 3 coats with no topcoat. This is a sheer pink with tiny silver and holo glitter, and larger holo particles mixed in. It looks quite sweet on its own, but would definitely pack a punch when layered over other colours, perhaps different pinks or reds for full effect.

Lastly, Last Friday Night:

3 coats with no topcoat. Like its pink counterpart, this is very sheer with small silver and holo glitter and larger holo particles throughout. It reminds me a lot of Sinful Colours Hottie, which I have, so I will try to do a comparison at some stage. Looks nice by itself on the nail, but again, would look amazing layered over a range of blues, or even green or black.

So there you have it - apart from the black shatter polish - OPI's Katy Perry collection. I love it, and I'm looking forward to trying these glitters over some bolder colours to see how they look. What do you think?



  1. OMG! You're incredibly lucky to have these already! *drools* They all look amazing - and I will def. be getting all 4 :) I've been looking forward to them ever since the official video were released.. and I am not disappointed! Thanks so much for making swatches! :)

  2. AWESOME colors!!! They all look great on you, and I do think I need them all! :-) How lucky that you found them already!

  3. @Jette: I know, I couldn't believe we already have them! Thanks for looking :)

    @Ali: Thanks so much Ali!! They're all awesome, aren't they?! You def need them all :) Even though the glitters are quite sheer, they're actually really pretty and 'icy' in person.

  4. This is so awesome you have the collection. They are lovely :)

    You have a great blog!

  5. They aren't available yet here in the states. I'll be buying them all. These are all gorgeous. Especially the first one.